Rhodes Inyanga National Park, Zimbabwe

Rhodes Inyanga National Park, main attraction is the spectacular scenery, birds and archeological sites

Rhodes Inyanga National Park, Zimbabwe

Rhodes Inyanga National Park is not a classic wildlife destination. The main attraction lies in the scenery, birding and archeological sites. Some antelopes and monkeys can sometimes be spotted on a hike. There are few safari animals remaining in the park but some small game is resident, including: klipspringer, reedbuck and greater kudu. Samango monkeys are also spotted regularly. Nyanga is one of Zimbabwe’s birding hotspots.

Over 300 species have been recorded, of which several are near-endemics. The park is part of the globally important Eastern Zimbabwe Mountains Endemic Bird Area (EBA). Best from November to April when the migratory birds are present and many resident birds are in breeding plumage. Visit Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Epic Route © Monika Newbound

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