France Epic Adventure from Paris Introduction by Monika Newbound

French Epic Adventure starting from Paris featuring 800 Attractions, 45 Unesco Sites & 6000 Kilometres of culture, history, hospitality and adventure

Welcome to France Epics Adventure Route

Welcome to this exciting French Adventure featuring nearly 800 sensational attractions,  45 historical Unesco sites and a total distance exceeding 6000 unstoppable Kilometers. This French adventure starts on the West Side of Paris and runs clockwise around all of  France returning to the edge of Paris.

This is one of several exciting Epic French adventure routes I have created.  The other routes include France from Germany, France from the UK, France from Denmark, France from Italy and France from Spain all feature the same attractions. This route took nearly six weeks to complete it was an incredible experience putting it all together. I wish you an amazing adventure in the beautiful, cultural, historical country of France

Monika Newbound
BMW Guinness Endurance Champion of the World 2018

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