Barenpark, Bern, Switzerland

The Bärengraben, or Bear Pit, is a tourist attraction in the Swiss capital city of Bern. It is a bear pit, or enclosure housing bears, situated at the eastern edge of the old city of Bern, next to the Nydeggbrücke and the River Aar.

Barenpark, Bern, Switzerland

The Bern BearPark is a unique recreation area at the lower end of the old town of Bern. It is open around the clock and free for all visitors. Brown bears have been living in this generously-sized enclosure on the banks of the river Aare since 2009. Brown bears in the heart of the city of Bern, in a generously-sized, humane enclosure – a unique experience. On the banks of the river Aare, opposite to the old town, live three brown bears.

It’s a relaxing leisure pursuit to take a walk around the enclosure then along the Aare river to the Dählhölzli, home to more fascinating animals. You can observe from the upper terrace or from the Aare how the powerful bears search out food, laze around in the sun or take a cool bath.

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