Adventure Routes

Your lifetime Dream is now more than a Dream, it’s an Amazing, Phenomenally Exciting reality

Adventure Routes

  • All Adventure routes are created by “Guinness World Record Holders” and “Global Adventurers” who have complected an unsupported, full circumnavigation of planet Earth. We are Global Experts in Adventure
  • We are thrilled and proud to have created the most incredible and exciting global overland routes for you.  A herculean effort has been made to surpass your wildest expectations.
  • New and exciting Adventure routes will be added every 14 days. Every effort has been made to maximise the excitement for the rider. Ultimately our routes are an extension of your dream.
  • We adjust our routes “frequently” because what is safe today, may change tomorrow.  However always “contact your own Embassy abroad” to receive the latest travel news.
  • Thanks to BMW Unstoppable.  Your life time dream, is now more than a dream,  its an amazing, phenomenal, exciting reality.

Monika Newbound
BMW Endurance Guinness Champion of the world

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